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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Abode | Trishaw Revived

I read with great interest of the possibility of trishaws plying our neighbourhood streets. A dying trade if not for the tourist attraction item.

It would be great to revived it to provide another transport option for the people to get around their estates and between neighbouring estates too.

Defintely a cheaper transport for mothers with their groceries from their nearby markets. A boon to the trishaw men who would be more than happy to have a steady income instead of depending solely on tourist seasons and limited movements.

Just cannot describe the many fond memories I have of trishaw rides home from my early primary school days. Just would a Tourist feel when he or she takes the ride.

This possibility should be explored further to provide the people in the estates another mode of fun but practical transport which will definitely be unique to this part of world, where modern fuses with the old seamlessly. Click photo for more.

Thank you Carol - A Revision for featuring


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